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Top 10 Questions About the Lion King on Broadway

1. Is The Lion King musical currently performed on Broadway?

Yes! The Lion King opened on Broadway in 1997 and continues playing at Minskoff Theatre, in the heart of Times Square. There are eight performances a week, Tuesday through Sunday. There are no shows on Mondays. There are two performances on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Top-10 Broadway Shows to See in 2018

New York Online is a things-to-do website for visitors to NYC. We often get questions from our readers from all over the world: what is the best show to see on Broadway?

Seeing a show on Broadway should definitely be on your list of things to do in NYC. Broadway is one of the must-visit places in New York. Spend some time is Central Park, walk along the Fifth Avenue, take a sightseeing tour, see the Statue of Liberty on the lunch cruise, make plenty of photos of the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Times Square… and then spend an evening enjoying a show on Broadway.

“Pretty Woman” on Broadway

Suitcases are packed, and you are in anticipation of the fun and amazing trip to New York. We wish you a wonderful journey to a fantastic city on the Atlantic Coast. If you don’t know what to do in New York, we have a couple of recommendations of New York attractions you should not miss.

And of course, your trip should also include cultural and entertainment component. What is the cultural agenda in New York? Anyone who comes to Big Apple must see a Broadway show. However, it is not always easy to decide which musical to choose.

Things to See in Brooklyn

As the biggest and most populous city in the United States, New York City is more than just Times Square and the Empire State Building; hard as it is to believe, there is life beyond Manhattan. In fact, the city is split into five parts, usually called “boroughs,” that have their own unique histories. And although it is the most prominent, Manhattan is just one of the five. The remaining four are actually all bigger than Manhattan, and each adds its distinct significance to the culture of New York.

The “Cats” Musical Is Returning to Broadway

The greatest ideas usually sound crazy at first – the Bible put to music, a phantom rowing across the set of a stage to chase his love – but these have been crafted into iconic musicals through the genius mind of Andrew Lloyd Webber. His most extraordinary success, however, is surely the adaptation of T. S. Eliot’s poetry book into a musical, one where the protagonists are all cats. The fourth-longest running show in Broadway history sets “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” to Webber’s melodious tunes, and features a list of characters that is dominated by our feline friends. Most notably, though, it is roaring back into the limelight – that’s right, Cats is returning to Broadway.

Famous New York Foods

The city that never sleeps sure likes to eat. Although that does not reflect on the Big Apple’s uniqueness – everyone likes to eat – but the way New Yorkers’ found ways to indulge their love for food does. Already considerably different from most other places in the US due to its sheer size and diversity of demographics, New York City has also grown to cultivate its own culinary culture. That culture, like the city, is incredible in its variety: the different immigrant groups of the world have lent their best dishes to the city upon settling here, and over the years, the food has become an essential part of any experience centered in the legendary concrete jungle. In staying true to that aforementioned variety, listed below are the seven most iconic foods of New York City.

An American in Paris

This Broadway spectacle is, more than anything else, mesmerizing in its elegance. Perhaps the most physically pulsating show in the scene of New York theater, it features a seemingly smooth combination of complex European-inspired ballet dance and bedazzling US-inspired musical dance. Performing in the sold-out Palace Theater every night, the show is a two-hour performance scintillating with Tony-award winning, brilliant choreography and exquisite lighting. An American in Paris mixes the cultural energies of a post-World War II Paris and the soldiers that helped liberate it to produce a hit of a show, the best-orchestrated musical to see on Broadway this year.