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The Color Purple

One of Broadway’s more somber productions in its beauty, John Doyle’s revival of The Color Purple musical is just as classic as the original. Full of awe-inspiring moments of strength and sisterhood, the show never ceases to amaze: the subtlety of the acting is complemented perfectly by the heavy, yet unique musical themes. The work of the set creators, the costume designers, and cast of The Color Purple all blend together to make for a powerful, heart wrenching, yet fully great performances every night.

The rural setting of Georgia in the early 1900’s is the backdrop of the violence undertaken by some men at that time, though it ultimately only serves to emphasize the bravery and camaraderie of the women uniting to survive it.

Despite the simplicity of the set, The Color Purple musical manages to retain its vital authenticity and also tell its very specific story to the audiences of New York theater.

The Color Purple’s Broadway revival is a compelling testament to the incredible strength of the women of black communities in early 20th century Georgia, which makes it a stunning achievement. The struggles these women faced, and, in turn, the ways they rose up to face them – are made entertaining through the sheer power of musical storytelling. The efforts of every actor, musician, designer, dramaturge, director, all combine to make this production a showstopper in its entirety, truly something to see in New York.

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