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The Humans (of Broadway)

Rarely does a small, personal drama survive for long enough on Broadway to be considered worthy of joining its already impressive list of classics, but Stephen Karam’s The Humans shows promise of doing exactly that only three months after premiering in the world of New York theater. While some epic productions with masked phantoms and royal lions have built their legacy on largely grandeur, The Humans, running in the literal smallest Broadway theater, the Helen Hayes, lends emotional weight to its every line of dialogue and minute action on stage. The intricate direction of Joe Montello allows the ultimately unsettling family drama to breathe with moments of humor and kindness. The family in question, the three-generational Blakes, are unique in their shortcomings, frustrations, and relationships with each other. The play continues the ever-present theme of addressing the truth and essence of the “American family,” and successfully manages to be original with it, while doing so in the face of decades of dysfunctional families created in the art world.

That resounding success has a lot to do with the constant showers of praise the critics have endowed on the production: it is so virtually impossible to find The Humans reviews with any remotely substantial criticism. This lets the show hold its own among myriads of bombastic, colorful musicals hauling in most audiences, and ends up being one of the most exciting things to see in New York overall. Essentially, what’s new on Broadway this season is the fact that a drama manages to be as memorable and as popular as any musical. This is, in fact, logistically, one of the reasons why The Humans will have a long-lasting place in the legacy of Broadway: it is already more significant than the countless showboating, happy-go-lucky musicals popping up almost exclusively for revenue, its stark realism uniquely contributing to its triumphant run rather than disadvantaging it.

The performances are fairly accessible every night, as multiple online outlets allow to buy tickets for the show online. As it is, most anyone who wishes to enjoy the experience of a relatable narrative about a family can do so. The Humans Broadway tickets are easily available online, and the powerfully moving, yet measured, intimate flow of the drama ensures that it is worth every cent and every minute.