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The Robber Bridegroom on Broadway

The Robber Bridegroom is a Broadway musical about love, adventure, and a classically hilarious case of mistaken identity set in the American south of the 19th century. One of the newest gems to see in New York theater, this raucous production sets up a series of robbers to vie for the affections of the beautiful Rosamund and her family’s riches. It is a show that colorfully combines many musical and visual styles to make it one of the most entertaining things to see in New York City and its theater scene. It is fairly easy to get tickets for, and the Roundabout Theater Company provides an unforgettable experience worth the price.

The exuberant dance numbers, lighting, and comedic performances of the actors keep the viewers entertained, and the romantic energy between the two leads captivates the hearts of those in the audience. The dominant bluegrass musical style of the play gives off a distinctly American vibe to the entire show. Out of the plethora of things to see in NYC, this production is one of the few that immerses any given audience into what many people think of as an authentic American atmosphere. Ultimately, the raunchy supporting cast delivers as much as the leads – there is a bandit whose brother is just a head, a scheming witch-like stepmother, and a mostly clueless father, whose oblivious manner is an endless source of laughs throughout the performance. The Robber Bridegroom reviews have been mostly favorable, if a little skewed when they determine it to be a play not suitable for everyone. The quality of the material, however – every line, dance, and song delivery is impeccable.

All in all, as a thoroughly American experience, this show entertains and captivates easily. The Robber Bridegroom tickets are easily available, both at the theater and online.